Your Problems, Our Solutions


1. Problem: Isolated Eloqua or Responsys and Adobe Analytics Data

Solution: SegmentSync

  • Would you like to have a bidirectional data sync between Adobe Analytics and Eloqua or Responsys?
  • Would you like to sync Email metrics and Adobe Analytics segment data 48 times faster than the previous Genesis integration?
  • Syncs Adobe Analytics segment data into Eloqua Custom Data Objects OR Responsys Database Tables. This allows you to score, nurture, or add them to existing programs or campaigns.

2. Problem: Isolated Eloqua and Adobe Connect Data

Solution: MeetingSync

Would you like to have a clearer picture of your Adobe Connect data within Eloqua? Solving this problem will allow you to:

  • Sync Adobe Connect attendee data into Eloqua, giving you the ability to have clarity on a contact’s true engagement level.
  • Create semi-automated Webinar campaigns that save you hours of configuration and manual importing.
  • Create full-automated webinar marketing campaigns that allow for a hands-off approach to webinar promotions.

3. Problem: Isolated YouTube Video Viewer Data

Solution: VidSync

We help clients who use YouTube to host some of their videos to sync that data to Eloqua and Adobe Analytics. Using our proprietary technology we are able to sync YouTube video engagement data into Eloqua and configure Adobe Analytics to receive the data.

4. Problem: Limited Bandwidth or Knowledge on How to Best Leverage Your Technology Stack

Solution: enautics Consulting Services

Do you have one or more of the following solutions in your Technology Stack?

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Oracle Eloqua
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Oracle BluKai

Enautics’ consultants have extensive experience in helping clients leverage their existing Oracle AND Adobe Marketing technology stack to drive Key Performance Indicators and solve business growth challenges.

Solve Your Oracle and Adobe Integration Problems.